Magdalena Wojarska

Hello, my name is Magdalena Wojarska. I’ve graduated from the University of Silesia in 2016, earning a Master’s degree in Graphic Design with a specialization in Visual Communication.

I have over 9 years of experience in graphic design, which is my genuine passion. Growing up I was constantly in my sketch book or having some kind of craft happening on my bedroom desk. I love paper and books just as much as I love the internet and enjoy designing all types of projects across both web and print mediums. My experience with digital techniques first started with a web design and photo retouching, ending with digital painting and illustration. I’m also interested in photography, which I was developing in photography classes during my education. As a IT Technician I do not limit myself to only the artistic side, I also put a great importance to technical aspects of my works.

I am a hardworking individual with a great attention to detail. I enjoy new and challenging projects that push me to learn more in the great field of graphic design.


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